A Jumble Of Thoughts – Warm And Wondering…

Ice Candle photo by Brenna Busse
December 29, 2018

Even as solstice has promised sun's return, the days are still short, the nights long. At rest now, from the year of creating and being in the world, I am like the trees outside my window, sap to roots, going inward to reflect. With my art, this last year feels rich and rewarding. I stretched more into my exploration of clay, the figure in clay. Meeting and re-meeting all of you added another layer of beauty, with your stories, feedback, great conversations. You also honored me by taking my beloved clay beings into your homes, to live in your most cherished and visited places. I am so grateful to all of you, as we join together in this circle of creating.

And as always, whether we embrace it or not -- change is afoot!. As I ruminate and incubate about this next year's art season, I am set to wondering. I have been saying for some time that when I turn 70, I will no longer travel to do art shows. Yikes! I will be 70 this summer, so here I am standing in what was always the future. As you are aware, shows are physically taxing -- making enough work, traveling the distance, hours of setting up and tearing down booths, weather challenges, not even knowing if we will sell our work... In addition, I have long thought, in terms of climate change, there is crazy much fossil fuel use in doing shows. The artists coming from all parts of the country, the dear patrons coming, sometimes by the thousands. What is the cost to our dear planet? How can we change this? The erratic and destructive weather has become a risk to artists. Yet, as soon as I contemplate not doing shows, I am sad, already missing the immediate feedback, encouragement, connections, and the great energy of the festival! I am perplexed, as well. My art process over these last 30 years is so tied with deadlines, sharing, showing and letting go. In the absence of that, I am not sure what would happen to my creative flow. As with all change -- it will unfold with time -- and I have a bit yet...so, OK, I will begin this year by slowing down, staying closer to home, doing fewer shows. Then I will see what emerges, pay attention to what else is calling me. After all, artists never really retire, we just create something else!