And Now We Hibernate…

Hibernate. Photo by Brenna Busse
December 29, 2017

As I look back on this last year, it has been filled with struggles and also many blessings. It is heartbreaking to witness the frightening and unpredictable decisions of our misguided leaders. It is galvanizing to act, resist and sometimes see change. It is a time for "hope in the dark," to keep faith in what we know is possible. In the north, in Minnesota where I live, we have been in this literal darkness. Now, with the holidays passing we have this great opportunity to sink into that darkness: to reflect, to hibernate, to go deep... In the studio, I use this time for essential creative rest, to nurture new ideas, to experiment ---and clean my studio! And then there are the blessings! My heart dances in deep and joyful gratitude for all of YOU! Once again, throughout this year, we have met in my little white art tent, in the cities and parks across the region and shared stories. You have responded with love and support to my creative expression -- and what I learn from you inspires me to keep making -- to keep creating my "hand made life"

Wishing you much joy and abundance in the coming year. -Brenna