Art is the Mirror

March 29, 2017

Art is the mirror, perhaps the only one, in which we can see our true collective face. We must honor its sacred function. We must let art help us. -Alice Walker

These words support and inspire me, as I reflect on my own creative process, how my art is seen in the world, how it touches others..How can I let art help me?

I believe to create art --to write to sing to make -- expresses our true voice. It is a political as well as personal act. Art connects us, reminds us of our shared humanity, can open our hearts. I find literal "grounding" in the touch of clay, and constant amazement in the form it takes in my hands.

As I wonder about the state of our culture and politics at this pivotal moment in time, my feelings range from deep fear at the prospect of the erosion of so much of the "common good" that I value,. to the hope in possibility that I see in the gathering energy of change. So many of us are coming together in committed resistance, this in turn builds connection and community. It is not surprising to me then, that after years of making solitary figures, I made a series of small figures gathered together (3" high, see above) After years of making whole body figures, I am creating pieces that focus in, come up close and show just heads or torsos. They are listening deep, with open hearts. They are still wall hung --there will be more coming -- as this new work unfolds. Let me know what you think! How does art help you?