Available Work

Wallflower series

To transform that sometimes derisive term, Wallflower — (of which I was one), I created this series to show the “real” meaning! Here, the figures are blooming in their own time. Here the birds come to be amongst the flowers, nature unfolding and all happening on a wall, inside.

Into the Garden series

These free standing pieces came as a surprise! In all of my years of making, I had only created wall pieces. This was an odd gift of the pandemic’s shelter in place time and my subsequent immersion into the garden of our backyard. To create them required a completely different way of being with clay, asking it to stretch, and hold, with great patience from us both. These pieces can be outdoors —- in the garden, amongst the birds.

Clay Work in the Round

Continuing my exploration of free standing clay figures, I am learning from the clay how to find just the right touch.