blessings of snow

snow on fence photo by Brenna Busse
January 29, 2018

It was a good old fashioned snow storm -- over 12 inches of snow in one day! White blanketed everything: schools closed, skiers whisk by on unplowed side streets, gleeful kids sliding in the park, everyone shoveling or snowblowing, cars stuck, even buses in a snowbank. What is this strange and tenacious frozen stuff? Besides the sheer beauty of pristine white, trees and bushes now cloaked in snow frocks --another kind of blessing happens. Back to the cars, stuck and spinning wheels in the unplowed street. Suddenly, as if magic, people appear out of nowhere, shovels in hand, to dig and push. Strangers and neighbors up and down the block working together. It is a sweet reminder that we are all in this together, that kindness prevails.