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Brenna Busse's studio

A Room of My Own

September 29, 2017

My studio is a smallish, cozy 1/2 of the upstairs of our humble home in South Minneapolis, with skylight, and windows overlooking the neighborhood. I have been creating here for 25 years!

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tools of the trade photo by Brenna Busse

Tools of the Trade

August 29, 2017

I love my hands, so grateful for our common prehensile possibilities. I rejoice in all that hands can do — and yet, there is a point where our original tool needs some support. That is when I reach, almost automatically to extend my hand, for one of my favorite tools.

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clay figures by Brenna Busse

This Moment…

July 29, 2017

I have been contemplating the line: a moment better than this is impossible to find –and found myself wondering, which moment is this? Is it the moment when the moon, like deep awareness, reveals meaning of the unknown? Or is it the darkness itself? Or is it just being alive, and present to every moment — no matter what that moment brings…

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Strong at the Broken Places

June 29, 2017

Breaking seems to be the “theme” of last month. It started when my dear daughter fell and fractured her ankle in three places, followed by my niece and two friends also falling and “breaking”. While not on the same level, for the first time was the sad sight of my one of my clay pieces — broken!

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rocky shore lake superior by Brenna Busse

When it Rains

May 29, 2017

Commitment and water — I saw the relationship a couple of weeks ago at my first outdoor show of the season in wonderful Marion, Iowa. 50 artists in the city square of this quaint small town. The weather forecast was bleak: rain and more rain.

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Clay work by Brenna Busse

Playing in the Mud

April 29, 2017

When my daughter, Antara was small — she loved springtime mostly for the mud. She was happy in her waterproof boots, splashing in puddles and making mud pies. These days, in the studio, working with clay, I have become that happy little girl. playing in the mud!

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six clay figures by Brenna Busse

Art is the Mirror

March 29, 2017

I believe to create art –to write to sing to make — expresses our true voice. It is a political as well as personal act. Art connects us, reminds us of our shared humanity, can open our hearts. I find literal “grounding” in the touch of clay, and constant amazement in the form it takes in my hands.

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troncones sunset

Looking for Light

March 1, 2017

A big part of art camp in Mexico this year was watching the light. Staying in our casa close to the ocean’s roaring pulse, pre-dawn light would awaken us. We walked the beach to meet the sun. In the gentle morning light, I would search the beach for ocean gifts brought by the night tide.

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Creating Into the Unknown

December 29, 2016

Every day is filled with the unknown — with our schedules and expectations, we build a sureness so that we don’t have to think about it, until there is a crisis or some huge change — like now. How do we keep from falling into fear and despair when the uncertainty seems to loom so large?

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Cloth on figurine by Brenna Busse

In Gratitude

November 29, 2016

I have started a daily gratitude practice. Re-inspired by Tom Glasser’s book, Full Heart Living – sometimes it’s the first thing I do when I open my eyes in the morning. Lately it has become a kind of ritual, to sit with my cup of tea and, as my mother used to say, “Count my blessings.”

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autumn leaves by Brenna Busse

Going Inward – and Out!

October 29, 2016

It is a fall tradition that I must make time for. In these lingering, balmy autumn days, I opened the windows of my dear South Minneapolis home – and washed them! I know that I will be spending more time inside, looking out, during the winter – and I want that clarity.

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painting by Brenna Busse


September 29, 2016

It’s in the air, the light… that unmistakable shift. Here in Minneapolis, the uppermost leaves of the maple trees have begun their colorful transformation.

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show the way of heart closeup by Brenna Busse

Short and Sweet

August 29, 2016

I have been blissfully immersed in clay! The pure sensuality and flexibility of the clay continues to enthrall me. Bringing the fire to transform these pieces to strong forms feels like magic. Adding color to the surface texture with acrylic paint is like frosting on the cake!

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marigolds photo by Brenna Busse

Full Circle

July 29, 2016

I started this monthly communique to you, a year ago, today — on my birthday! This gift to myself, an honoring of the 29th each month through the year is an enjoyable and necessary pause for me — to reflect on my life and art, and communicate some aspect of that.

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Heart of Wonder close up by Brenna Busse

heart of wonder

June 29, 2016

Creating my art, working in my studio, feels like being in the heart of wonder. It’s when I can immerse myself in process, letting time unfold, being present with the materials that I love: clay and color.

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Creating in Place

May 29, 2016

The lilacs were on the verge of bloom in early May here in Minneapolis, when I traveled five hours north to Grand Marais, a small, artful town hugging the North shore of Lake Superior. Spring was still a promise there as I gathered with nine other women to make art…

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Flower photo by Brenna Busse

an elegy

April 29, 2016

The word elegiac is usually reserved for the somber remembering of the dead through ponderous verse. I heard the amazing poet and philosopher, David Whyte speak recently. His thoughts on elegy as both recognition of loss and celebration of what is lost resonated with me deeply.

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daffodils photo by Brenna Busse

being hope

March 29, 2016

Spring now! This time is a literal groundswell of possibilities as the earth begins burgeoning with life. Seeing the impossibly green sprouts emerging from the only recently frozen ground, feels like hope.

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on the beach photo by Brenna Busse

creating with nature

January 29, 2016

On my self crafted art retreat in Mexico this year, I was drawn to create rock pile sculptures. This is a human impulse with a rich history and meaning. This practice is not without controversy, especially in wilderness areas where “leave no trace” is extolled.

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Gift of tree — love of linden

August 23, 2015

More about trees! So the last couple of years I have developed a relationship with the linden. I find groves around the city and prune the elegant, drooping branches to use to create my “Gift of tree” series.

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