Creating Into the Unknown


Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity!

Every day is filled with the unknown -- with our schedules and expectations, we build a sureness so that we don't have to think about it, until there is a crisis or some huge change -- like now. How do we keep from falling into fear and despair when the uncertainty seems to loom so large?

As I have been transforming and re-framing these fears, I realize that as an artist creating and making a living in this culture, I have had a lot of practice dealing with the unknown.

The creative process itself is made of unknowns -- which is wonderful and terrifying! From this lump of clay, or pile of fabric: Where do I begin? What will emerge? Will I get close to my vision? Will I love this?

Taking my work out into the world is also filled with uncertainty: Will I get into the coveted show? Will that thunderstorm destroy my art, booth, close the show, or miss us? Will anyone see what I am doing? Will anyone love my art enough to take it home? Will I continue to live the life I love?

I made this series at an art workshop in Grand Marais this October. I wasn't sure how I would finish these bodies, or who they would become. I found driftwood(!) on the pebbled shore of vast Lake Superior, and those weather honed pieces became the limbs and formed the gestures. In the feedback from the class, I understood meaning, and found their name.

The tradition of the sacred clown is one who speaks truth to power. How we find our truth and respond is important as we step into this unknown. May we be creative, alert, fierce and nimble!

Sacred Clown: owner of simple truth · Series of three: clay, paint, driftwood · 34X 18 X 2" approximately
Sacred clown series: detail