In celebration of the small

Leaves in ice by Brenna Busse
November 29, 2018

This time of year always brings out the elf in me, and I turn again to making small beings. The practical and "art for all" side of me sees an opportunity to offer you, my dear collectors, a fun, whimsical and budget considerate piece of art for gifts or for yourself. There is also a deeper reason, and it feels like a body memory. As a child, my little hands were happy and busy making small things with the limited and humble materials at hand: paper, crayons, pipe cleaners --both to amuse myself, and to be able to give something...There is a preciousness in something small, stirring in us the desire to lean in, look closely. Little things can get lost in the clutter of the much and the big, so it takes a discerning eye to seek them out, to see. Small can be detailed and complex, like miniatures, or as I like to express small, more simple, essential, just enough. Check out some of the small beings below: