Mayhem of Holiday Making!

November 29, 2019

As an artist, creating for a living — I have, year after year, (for 29 years!) — given myself over to the energy of this season. As we all know, it is a time of giving, whether out of sincere joy, or the “shoulds”.

With so many holiday shows and markets, and people in this spirit, it is a great opportunity to see my creations be spirited away to new homes. Something fun and different happens to me in the studio during this time. I become the proverbial elf, fully embodied as a maker. To be a maker is all about working with my hands, to feel the textures and the challenge of materials, to make pieces that I can hold in my hand. For ease, I make the same design again and again. I still think of them as series, but the differences are slight, the vagaries of my hand. I make these to celebrate the small and offer to my dear buyers, the range of price that I value, so that my work can be accessible and affordable. Each piece carries a message of meaning, from my heart to yours! I am so grateful to all of you insightful buyers who know the added wonder of giving a gift made by hand.