Playing in the Mud

Clay work by Brenna Busse

We are the children of the clay who have been released so that the earth may dance in the light. - John O'Donohue

When my daughter, Antara was small – she loved springtime mostly for the mud. She was happy in her waterproof boots, splashing in puddles and making mud pies. These days, in the studio, working with clay, I have become that happy little girl. playing in the mud!

In my continuing exploration of clay – I am struck by its flexibility and responsiveness.

As it warms and forms in my hand, it has a kind of tenderness. As I am playing with scale, and focusing on heads, upper body – I have experienced a tenacity in the clay. Sometimes as I begin a piece with an idea in mind, the clay seems to take its own form, as if by its own knowledge, alive in its own becoming!

In the Rootabaga Stories, Carl Sandburg created the magical sky blue whispering cats, who disappear when you hold them up to the sky. They perch on your shoulder and whisper in your ear, and their whispering sounds like the wind. They tell you: "You are beautiful. You are strong".
Sky blue whispering cats clay, paint, ink, 10 X 7"
Sky blue whispering cats · clay, paint, ink 10X 9"