Process of Becoming

photo of grasses by Brenna Busse
October 29, 2018

All of art, and life for that matter, evolves through process. Artist Shaun Mcniff talks about process of creation as "a force and a direction that takes shape over a period of time, it suggests a series of actions, changes, fluctuations" It is that amazing. intimate and laborious dance of artist working with chosen medium to birth the idea or vision that must be expressed. An expression I've heard artists use when a piece is finished: "It came alive" Yes, I have always thought of art as alive, carrying its own unique energy. Especially because I work with the figure, I have the feeling of being "met" by a finished piece. This aliveness, this energy -- the Japanese have a word and concept for the belief that animate and inanimate objects carry energy, it is called Hado. It makes sense, in art, there is that relationship of maker to materials, the artist with heart, head and hand has touched and transformed the materials. Working with clay as I do, the clay itself, as part of earth feels alive, responsive, sensual, active. Lately in my process with clay, I see that in the drying and firing stage, it is as if the energy, aliveness has been destroyed. After firing, the pieces are hard, shrunk, brittle, stark. Next step then is to bring the life and juiciness back -- with ink and paint washes, layer of color, natural materials -- and all of my love and intention -- that is part of the process. (as shown below). Please feel free to contact me here, if you have questions, comments or wish to purchase a piece. You can find available work on my website too. Blessings of the changing times. - Brenna