returning home…

November 29, 2017

Back in the familiar, those traveled, far away lands feel like a sweet, strange dream. So I bring back the memories and images to enliven my daily life so that I still carry that sense of adventure, where everything is new, unexpected, up to interpretation! I want to share just a few images that especially inspired me both in Prague and in the countryside of the Czech Republic.

I took another kind of trip in early October when I again participated in the "Art as Journey" workshop at the Art Colony in Grand Marais, MN with the amazing mentor and artist, Elizabeth Erickson.

Over the years, the figures that I have created have expressed my life events and journey, both in celebration and in healing. Recently I have been aware that my figures continue to be youthful. As I am aging, I want to explore that in my work -- to create images of the beauty, power and grief of this inevitable process.

This series, called "Co-signers of the Covenant" is a beginning. They are larger than I usually work, measuring more than 3 feet tall.

Co-signers of the Covenant by Brenna Busse