heart of wonder

Heart of Wonder close up by Brenna Busse
June 29, 2016

Each day is a secret story, woven around the radiant heart of wonder.  John O'Donohue

Creating my art, working in my studio, feels like being in the heart of wonder. It's when I can immerse myself in process, letting time unfold, being present with the materials that I love: clay and color.

To be in wonder is to approach work and world with curiosity. All of the "why. what, hows" call for action. Then a letting go enough, to listen, be present, let the materials have their say.

Wonder is also that place that feels like grace -- as if an unseen hand had guided mine. What emerges can be a wonderful surprise!

Here are  images from my process of creating that is a deep well of love and inspiration.


ready to fire


after the fire


adding color

an elegy

Flower photo by Brenna Busse
April 29, 2016

Each of us is emerging in every moment...

The word elegiac — is usually reserved for the somber remembering of the dead through ponderous verse. I heard the amazing poet and philosopher, David Whyte speak recently. His thoughts on elegy as both recognition of loss and celebration of what is lost resonated with me deeply.

Those who know my work, know that it has changed in the last year and a half.  My work has simplified. In this ongoing series, I use all clay for the figures; sticks, wire and acrylic paint are added after firing. There is always a bird — or two or three.

These images are an elegy for my sister Janet, who died two years ago, April 29. They embody our shared love and embrace of the verdant, living world. The birds are her spirit presence. They are a celebration of the way she touches my life – even now. Perhaps, especially now...