heart of wonder

Heart of Wonder close up by Brenna Busse
June 29, 2016

Each day is a secret story, woven around the radiant heart of wonder.  John O'Donohue

Creating my art, working in my studio, feels like being in the heart of wonder. It's when I can immerse myself in process, letting time unfold, being present with the materials that I love: clay and color.

To be in wonder is to approach work and world with curiosity. All of the "why. what, hows" call for action. Then a letting go enough, to listen, be present, let the materials have their say.

Wonder is also that place that feels like grace -- as if an unseen hand had guided mine. What emerges can be a wonderful surprise!

Here are  images from my process of creating that is a deep well of love and inspiration.


ready to fire


after the fire


adding color