This Moment…

clay figures by Brenna Busse
July 29, 2017

the moonlight has torn the night skirt
drink wine, for a moment better than this is impossible to find
be happy, do not worry, since the moonlight
will long shine on the dust of one and all

Omar Khayyam

I have been hearing the poems of this 12th century Persian poet, since my husband, Dan started composing music and began to sing them, several years ago. I have been listening closer with him as he has finished recording, and is listening for the final cut before production of his CD. They are deceptively simple. I have been contemplating the line: a moment better than this is impossible to find --and found myself wondering, which moment is this? Is it the moment when the moon, like deep awareness, reveals meaning of the unknown? Or is it the darkness itself? Or is it just being alive, and present to every moment -- no matter what that moment brings...

It does help, then when a moment is unequivocally a good moment. Like the many amazing moments that I had last month at Art Fair on the Square -- thank you Madison!!! The conversations and meetings with art lovers and buyers was truly inspiring. Also, I am honored to become part of the collection of Epic, an eclectic and visionary company whose intergalactic headquarters are located in Verona, just outside Madison, WI.

Below: images of recent Messenger/Message Series additions clay, acrylic paint, linden sticks
brenna busse
Yikes! It has been two years since I started this communication to you, my dear art friends. Once again the circle brings me back to my birthday -- 68 years today! It has been such a gift to hear from those of you who are moved to reply, and to see you at shows. You continue to add those moments that illuminate my life. blessings, Brenna