A Room of My Own

Brenna Busse's studio
September 29, 2017

My studio is a smallish, cozy 1/2 of the upstairs of our humble home in South Minneapolis, with skylight, and windows overlooking the neighborhood. I have been creating here for 25 years! Early on, this allowed flexibility to be home with my sprouting daughter. I became used to working in short spurts, always the possibility of being interrupted, then finding my stride into the early morning hours when it seemed the rest of the city was asleep. I needed less sleep then...My studio is a sacred space, made holy by the process of so much creating. Those ah-has and transformations, frustrations of mistake, deep joy of work as play, and the pure satisfaction of creating with love -- loving what I do! The sense of comfort and calm overrides the chaos of materials stacked and stashed into all available places. When is the weather is fine, I overflow into our backyard, a natural place to work with sticks. My kiln lives in the basement, ever at the ready. Over the years I have tried out having a studio in one of the amazing artist buildings that blossom in the city, loving the comaraderie and community that artists together create. But I keep coming home, to this room of my own, where I can always touch in with my process, at any moment, where the last thing I do before sleep is come say goodnight to the dear ones being born...