Looking for Light

troncones sunset

Light defines both time and space – time is the movement of light - David Frawley

A big part of art camp in Mexico this year was watching the light. Staying in our casa close to the ocean's roaring pulse, pre-dawn light would awaken us. We walked the beach to meet the sun. In the gentle morning light, I would search the beach for ocean gifts brought by the night tide (and the garbage too). The morning, and some hours before sunset, book ends to the blazing heat, were my creative beach times.

My challenge for art making again this time is to use the materials that I find in this environment. I first found three tall coconut palm fronds, balanced them in a tripod, secured them with strong beach vine -- and it immediately became a shelter -- a sacred place. It became the place where many beach treasures were placed, by our group and by strangers as well. The driftwood figures that I made became sentinels, the rock cairns surrounding it became my balance practice

This is the place we had our fires -- for my daughter Antara's creative beach cooking, for bamboo flute making, for gathering the women in red, for burning away our fears in the ritual of letting go. Here, or on rocks close by, we ended our day celebrating with drink and song -- a grateful farewell to the setting sun,. Each evening different, always a stunning light show, punctuated by the synchronized flight grace of dozens of brown pelicans.

Thank you to Antara, Marcie, Maggie, Margo for making this creative time so magical!