New life – and little things

Child's hand
October 29, 2019

Everything shifts, when looking into the eyes of a new life — a minutes old baby, raw from the miracle of stardust to zygote to being— newly pushed from her water world where every need is met — to embodied earth — to breathe to cry to feel. I think of all of us at birth as enacting this evolutionary pageant, moving from water beings to earth dwellers.

My dear granddaughter, Alma was born in early September (Labor day to be exact) and my heart exploded! The privilege of being the mother’s mother is a welcome into that sacred female lineage. Mother to daughter to daughter…. I love the mother my daughter is becoming, so calm, true, filled with love and curiosity. So the month of September, I spent offering support and hands on help in the chaotic unknown world of newborn. Infants are a great paradox — so tiny and vulnerable, and yet so powerful, and so incredibly captivating!

Then, I went back to my studio and I turned into an elf! Happy hands in clay making dear “little things”. Harkening back to when I was a child and spend blissful hours making humble little gifts from humble materials. So I have some fun new “littles” and some new “bigs” too and some “inbetweens” all in time for great holiday shows that I am excited to be a part of -- so I hope to see you at one of the shows if you are local. Feel free to contact me if any of these pieces call to you, from wherever you are.

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